Substack's philosophy of small things

22 Mar 2013

Those of you who follow the Node.js community at all will recognize substack as one of the most prolific package authors on NPM. You have probably also picked up on the fact that he is a big fan of small packages.

I ran across this interview the other day and I think substack communicates his “small things” philosophy well. Simply put, the UNIX philosophy works. Do one thing, do it well, and it will stand the test of time.

SRP for all the things! Once you learn to break up your projects into isolated chunks, the next step is to learn how to break up your monolithic app into coordinating services. It's all the same principle, and it works well.

Paraphrased from the video.

If you want to be writing things that people will still be using in 20 years, you’ve really gotta only do one thing. If you try to do other things, somebody else will come along and do that one thing way better because they focused more. So you’re just wasting your time by writing big things because they won’t be with us in the future. It’s really wasted effort.

Substack - Small things from mikeal on Vimeo.

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